Winneke (Winnie) Bruil

I reside in the Netherlands and have been active in the horse industry from a young age. I have been a licensed trainer for more than 20 years and my equine training and lesson business includes international clients as far abroad as the Middle East. My formal education is in economics where I worked for many years in banking in the Netherlands. A few years later I took my expertise in management and began working for a college in curriculum development for economics and sport-related studies.

I concurrently worked in both the horse industry and in economics until 2008 when I decided to focus full time on the equine industry. My desire early in my career was to become a veterinarian and this was a driving force as I began to explore the area of equine rehabilitation. I became interested in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) after seeing the results on my own horses, as well as colleagues’ horses, and became a distributor for EquiNew’s products in 2013.

As a member of the equine rehabilitation industry I would be pleased to contact you about any questions you may have concerning the EquiNew products at In addition, if you would like a demonstration of the system, that could be arranged when we are in the area.