Mar de Echevarría Ruiz-Oriol & Marta García Piqueres

Mar de Echevarría Ruiz-Oriol, Equine Physiotherapist and Marta García Piqueres, Equine Veterinarian, from Madrid, Spain established their business, Equidinamia Equine Rehabilitation Services in 2005. They work together as a team in clinical practice and also offer teaching activities in the field of equine physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Ms. Ruiz-Oriol and Dr. Piqueres travel throughout Spain and Europe specializing in the rehabilitation of horses.

Ms. Ruiz-Oriol holds a BS in Physical Therapy from the Madrid Alfonso X El Sabio University, and upon graduation began working with human athletes. After several years in the human field, she expanded into equine rehabilitation through the completion of a postgraduate degree in equine osteopathy at the University in Barcelona (UAB). Due to this background, Ms. Ruiz-Oriol has a solid background understanding of the horse/rider interaction and how the balance of each can influence the other. In addition Ms. Ruiz-Oriol received training in acupuncture, and utilizes this technique in her rehabilitation work.

Dr. Piqueres holds a Veterinary degree from the Madrid Complutense University, specializing in equine physiotherapy and rehabilitation. To further her education she obtained a postgraduate degree in equine osteopathy, veterinary chiropractic and equine ultrasonography at the University in Barcelona (UAB). Upon graduation Dr. Piqueres began working at the Hospital Clínico Veterinario Alfonso X El Sabio (UAX, Madrid) where, following her two-year general medicine and surgery residency, she took over responsibility of the physiotherapy unit. She then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and for 5 years was in charge of the Equine Rehabilitation Service at the Centro Kawell.

In 2012, Ms. Ruiz-Oriol and Dr. Piqueres first met Dr. Sheila Schils and started working with the EquiNew Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system. Since then they have integrated FES into their practice, and they feel this technology has considerably improved the outcome of their rehabilitation program. Ms. Ruiz-Oriol and Dr. Piqueres have since become distributors for the EquiNew products in Europe. Please feel free to contact them at and they will be pleased to offer you further information about the EquiNew FES device and its benefits. English and Spanish spoken.